Friday, September 9, 2011

global trends in child labour

work published on AUTHOR STREAM  in the form of project report by students---

Monday, September 5, 2011

video to show the plight of child labour in kenya the worst hit country with this menace

Child Labour in Kenya



Sunday, September 4, 2011

child labour in india--the shocking instances

Child Labour in India 


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Survey on rate of child labor in our Society


               The survey, though done on a small scale basis, reflects a very alarming picture of the existing social evils in our country. Our primary objective was only to find out the percentage of children who are being forced to do unpaid labor in the local small scale shops in our locality, however digging a little deeper, revealed some very surprising facts. It was moreover a shock for us to find out that out of the 15 shops we included in our survey, we came across working children in 13 of them. This is a very demoralizing fact since in this modern era when we are doing everything to make our country a substantial super power; we are yet unable to erase all such social chronic evils from our society. Our survey was in fact an effort to create some awareness among common mass about the existence of child labor in our society which is dreaming every moment of a sustainable development in all round terms!
Here are some of the details of our survey:-

Name of the area- Regent park, Tollygunge
Number of shops surveyed- 15 shops (most of which were small hotels or tea shops)
Number of shops where child laborers were found out of the surveyed shops- 13 shops
Total number of  children working in all of the shops surveyed- 24
Average number of working children- 2
Number of shops without child laborers- 2

Red color represents region B which includes shops where we didn’t find any children working & Blue color represents region A which includes shops where we found all intotal 24 children employed to work.
It was very strange to see that the number of shops which haven’t allowed this evil to persist are so scanty in number!

We also recorded the proper age groups of all the children working in the shops so that we can make a rough estimate of the general age group of child laborers in the country. Here are some of the factual components:-

Red color represents region B which includes all child laborers in the age
group ‘below 5 years’. Blue color represents region A which includes all
 child laborers in the age group ‘above 10 years’. Green color represents
 region C which includes all child laborers in the age group ‘5 to 10 years’.
It was in fact a relief to see that at least little children below 5 years of age aren’t the unfortunate victims of this social evil in large numbers. Our survey revealed that most of the working children are in the age group of 5 to 10 years. Cases of child labor above that age group is comparatively lesser, however not very scanty in number!


Sunday, July 10, 2011

A child without a home

A boy stares at my face
A boy left completely forlorn
He looks and he smiles
As if he is not alone
He lives the dream not lived
He personifies all nightmares known
And yet he is the innocence
A child left alone
He is the same boy 
The boy bereft of care
He is the boy without a home

p.s the photos are from deviantart, not mine.... 

Child Labour in Philippine 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A parents plight

We all look at children who work and think how bad they must be feeling. We look at children to sympathize and often turn their parents to some low scheming villains who have turned their children to work to earn profit. But, is it really so. Does the poverty turn someone so cheap as to sell their sons and daughters.? I do not believe in this. A parent is strangely attached to his children and it cannot be possible for one just to give up their child at the first sign of trouble. A parent does not give up his child but, the circumstances make him incapable of coping up to the big bad world only then do they give up their children to work and that without huge plight upon their minds. We may not be able to cope with the worlds growing demands tomorrow and thus we change our habits but, in parents it is not just a habit its a duty to them and they protect their kids through all times.
Only incapability pushes them to the the length of giving up their children and the results are ever satisfactory. We always sympathize with the children who work but, the parents are no better off!

Friday, June 17, 2011

A case study

Life of the children, who suffer from Child labour  

We as representatives of our school went out to see the town. Out in the streets we found a certain Fakir Chand, a little guy who was working in a tea stall, we all asked him about his experiences and he was eager to study.. We plan to teach him in the future, hope it shall be as fruitful as ever...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Another wakening

I am just another,
Spark of innocence,
Another child,
As little as thee,
And yet I matter little,
I have no where to be,
No books, no home,
No special sanctuary...

I work always,
I work for thee,
Always trying to be,
Something more than me,
Yet, I am alone,
Lonelier than you will ever be,
And yet, I am bound to live

I live alone,
I am scared of being me,
I look at thee with admiration,
But, no one sees me
I earn a scanty meal,
That is my own luxury
Not a smile not my hopes
But, a morsel is my nursery.

Yet, I grow like an disheveled weed,
I become another man,
Just like thee,
You wake up in the morning to study,
The same is done by me,
Your lessons are in education,
I educate myself in the cruelty
Shown to me
Far from the flowers like thee,
I am a dark blot,
You, the future of the country,

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Chunnu ke gubbare- Mrs. Chandra Prabha Bhatia

चुन्नू के चौबारे में, गुल्लू के गुब्बारे ले
कैसी धूम मचाई.
हा! हा! कैसी धूम मचाई|

ला मुझको क्या लेना है,
गुब्बारे से क्या होना है,
चल रे काम कर भाई|
हा, हाँ चल रे काम कर भाई |

चुन्नू कहीं तो बैठा होगा,
भीखू रोता-धोता होगा,
जाने कैसे दिन गुजरे हो,
जाने कैसे हुई कमाई

पर मुझे क्या लेना है,
चल रे कम कर भाई|
हाँ, हाँ चल रे काम कर भाई|

चंदू थोडा पानी दे-दे
आर्डर वही पुराना ले ले|
दो रोटी तकदर अपन की
दूर है रबरी, दूध, मलाई |
हाँ दूर है रबरी दूध, मलाई |

पर मुझको क्या लेना है,
चल रे काम कर भाई |
हाँ, हाँ चल रे काम है भाई |

The Rising Sun- Arkoprabha Das

His hands moved at a faster pace
as he saw the darkness closing in….
as the twilight faded like the end of a dream…..
so did the sweat on his face.
His wet duster licked the table clean…
and he piled up the ceramics in a corner
as the gentleman on the chair….
looked at the novice in disgrace!

He stopped near the next table.
In his hands rattled a bunch of coins…
he gazed at them in juvenile delight
with a sight; undefined but stable.
He pocketed them with great care
and cleaned the table in the dim light.
The gentleman breathed out impatience and said,
“ Is that boy gonna take the whole night?”

Table after table, saucer after saucer…
he cleaned up everything on his way
wiping his wet face on his rags
and panting heavily around the corner,
he caused yet some more delay….
Out of disgust, the gentleman could only say,
“May be I will have to come another day….”

“Please don’t go..I..beg of you”
the weak tanned boy could barely state
the reason of his being late…
“You count coins at every breath…
how long do you think I can wait?”
the gentleman shouted in disgust….
The boy was broken but he calmly said,
“the coins will buy me anything they say…”
he pointed at the waiters moving around…
The gentleman asked him, quite astound,
“What will you buy with those coins….?”
“I will buy education with those
and live a better life someday….”

Discovering the church of mind

We all went out a fine day just to see the plight of the child laborers we would have to work with, the stories they told were certainly awkwardly scary
Some were learning to work so as to provide themselves with money. Some had lost their parents and instead of grieving they were forced to work to get a certain future they could be proud of. We all complain as if our lives may be hard but, the experience proves you the better person, perhaps the richer person. That is what is perhaps the church of mind, where you discover all your lost thoughts and review them again only to find them much less plightful

Thursday, June 9, 2011

A child's smile

A child is perhaps the most precious treasure to a parent. A child's smile must be the greatest present we all crave for. A little sheepish grin when he knows something new, when he finds out he can do something that was out of his reach... Yet, we do not take a look at the thousands of cries we see every single day. We do not care of the little boy who polishes our shoes or works in our home. Do their smiles cease to mean anything. Is smiling a pleasure only for the rich? What shall then happen to the 80% who are poor?
The indifference shown to the earlier question leads me to believe that we think it is their only destiny. Only yesterday I was busy reading a study on child labour and it lead me to the realization of what is really wrong with us.. We have forgotten the basic rights of a human being and believe that what we see was always meant to be.
But, could we bear to see our relatives in the same condition? the question remains..
Another story also influences me a lot with it's heart rendering perspectives.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Just another brick in the wall?

We have all sang along to Pink Floyd when they sang of "another brick in the wall" but, is it actually working out? Is education really just another brick in the wall for those children who are forced to live under terrible work conditions.?
I do not think so.. For me education is the basic need, without a simple book, something to read no one can experience a full childhood and that is what I believe in. We thus, need a different way, a change for the better. Not just for my country India but, for the the whole world that is witnessing this strange slavery that steals the childhood from all kids. Is the world we can imagine for our brothers or sisters or sons?? Do make a change this is just a small step!