Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Another wakening

I am just another,
Spark of innocence,
Another child,
As little as thee,
And yet I matter little,
I have no where to be,
No books, no home,
No special sanctuary...

I work always,
I work for thee,
Always trying to be,
Something more than me,
Yet, I am alone,
Lonelier than you will ever be,
And yet, I am bound to live

I live alone,
I am scared of being me,
I look at thee with admiration,
But, no one sees me
I earn a scanty meal,
That is my own luxury
Not a smile not my hopes
But, a morsel is my nursery.

Yet, I grow like an disheveled weed,
I become another man,
Just like thee,
You wake up in the morning to study,
The same is done by me,
Your lessons are in education,
I educate myself in the cruelty
Shown to me
Far from the flowers like thee,
I am a dark blot,
You, the future of the country,

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