Thursday, June 9, 2011

A child's smile

A child is perhaps the most precious treasure to a parent. A child's smile must be the greatest present we all crave for. A little sheepish grin when he knows something new, when he finds out he can do something that was out of his reach... Yet, we do not take a look at the thousands of cries we see every single day. We do not care of the little boy who polishes our shoes or works in our home. Do their smiles cease to mean anything. Is smiling a pleasure only for the rich? What shall then happen to the 80% who are poor?
The indifference shown to the earlier question leads me to believe that we think it is their only destiny. Only yesterday I was busy reading a study on child labour and it lead me to the realization of what is really wrong with us.. We have forgotten the basic rights of a human being and believe that what we see was always meant to be.
But, could we bear to see our relatives in the same condition? the question remains..
Another story also influences me a lot with it's heart rendering perspectives.

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