The blog contibutors- Mrs. Bhatia

A teacher by profession at Kendriya Vidyalaya Mrs. Chandra prabha Bhatia is a very flexible, open minded and vivacious person. A trained postgraduate in History from Calcutta University feels that the quest for knowledge is never completed. She has further completed postgraduate diploma in Human Rights from Indian Institute of Human Rights New Delhi.
 Based learning in Future          Space Scientist Program on Think. Com and Regional winner of ITLA Award 2009An eminent social worker and secretary of MILES working for Child & women empowerment ,She also excels in LIFE SKILLS and HUMAN RIGHTS workshops which is an endeavor for empowering the future citizens of this millennium. She is the recipient of National Award for teachers-2007 ‘KVS Incentive Award 2002’ and ‘World Human Rights Promotion Award 2005 National Finalist for Project

She was a part of the International Study Tour Program 2004 and GENESIS Program 2008  held at Japan by the Japan Foundation for promoting mutual understanding and for exchanging views with their counterparts in Japan  Her excellent conversational skills, good sense of humour and overwhelming personality makes her stand out from the rest. She draws out her inspiration from these lines- 
‘Do not pray for an easy life. Pray to be a stronger person instead. It does not matter who lets you down as long as it isn’t yourself.’

Her recipe for success is
1/2 cup of prayers
1cup of confidence
2 bowls of hard work