Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A parents plight

We all look at children who work and think how bad they must be feeling. We look at children to sympathize and often turn their parents to some low scheming villains who have turned their children to work to earn profit. But, is it really so. Does the poverty turn someone so cheap as to sell their sons and daughters.? I do not believe in this. A parent is strangely attached to his children and it cannot be possible for one just to give up their child at the first sign of trouble. A parent does not give up his child but, the circumstances make him incapable of coping up to the big bad world only then do they give up their children to work and that without huge plight upon their minds. We may not be able to cope with the worlds growing demands tomorrow and thus we change our habits but, in parents it is not just a habit its a duty to them and they protect their kids through all times.
Only incapability pushes them to the the length of giving up their children and the results are ever satisfactory. We always sympathize with the children who work but, the parents are no better off!

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